Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos announced as coaches for The Ultimate Fighter Season 13.

Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos have been named the head coaches of the upcoming Ultimate Fighter season.  Why Brock Lesnar was chosen is a mystery to me.  He just started doing MMA and has a lot to learn himself, I don't think he should be coaching anything unless that thing is wrestling.  If I were about to be on this show I would pray that I was on team Dos Santos.  Junior's knowledge and experience will definitely help his team out more than Brock will be able to help his team out.  I'm not trying to call Brock a bad fighter or anything here, I'm simply saying that he himself is a trainee in this profession I think he has no business teaching new fighters unless he is only teaching them wrestling.  The Ultimate Fighter season 13 is set to debut on March 30th 2011 on Spike TV and Rogers Sports net.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fedor Emelianenko, shown on the left, was defeated by Antonio "Big Foot" Silva on February 12th 2011.  This was one of the quarter final match ups for the the Heavyweight tournament that Strikeforce is holding.  Silva defeated Fedor by referee stoppage after the 2nd round.  What happened to Fedor?  What does this mean for Fedor?  Wheres Fedor going to end up?  How about all of you stop brushing Silva aside.  Silva came out and completely took over the fight, he was winning standing and on the ground, he was beating Fedor to the punch every time and to be honest Fedor looked old and slow.  In previous fights Fedor would rely on his speed and power from his overhand right that he became known for, now in his later years it seems that strategy isn't exactly working out for him anymore.  Granted Silva is 4 inches taller than Fedor and weighs in at something like 285 pounds on fight day, Fedor being the much smaller guy in the ring here needed his speed and power behind that right but it just wasn't there for MMA's most loved fighter.  This loss for Fedor has a lot of people doubting his return to MMA, this is mainly because he is coming off of two losses.  People aren't used of Fedor losing, prior to his loss to Silva and Werdum.  Fedor only had 1 yes ONE loss in his entire MMA career.  The fans know this and most of all Fedor knows this, I think now a lot of the hype behind Fedor is gone and his confidence is leaving his side as well.  Fedor said in his post fight interview that now would maybe be a good time to retire and in my opinion I think he should.  I don't see M-1 global setting him up with some bum to get his confidence back because people don't want to see that, they want to see fights like Fedor Vs. Brock, or Fedor Vs. Overeem.  Anything below that would cause them to lose money and if Fedor dropped his management and signed a full contract deal with the UFC then I think his career would've lasted a little while longer than it did and made him even more famous.